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This must be a very common problem, so I expected to find answer quickly: but having spent all morning on it, seem little closer to solution.

I uploaded GPX track of walk as PUBLIC, and got eml saying 'upload successful'. But I can't see it on OSM map. So if it wont show on the map, why is there an option to upload ? What's the point ?

After fooling around for hours (when I really should be doing other stuff) I got to stage where my GPX track (from OSMand) was surging in a glowing orange/purple colour.

But the SAVE option says 'no changes to save'.

Is there a way to get my GPX track onto map for benefit of other walkers, or should I just give up with the idea pls ?


asked 28 Mar '23, 13:56

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There are some Videos on Utube which may help. It does take quite a bit of work to get to grips with editing but hopefully you will enjoy the process I did, and do. I enjoy updating and improving OSM it has changed a lot since I discovered it in it's early days almost 20 years ago. I had a problem with the link just search for utube openstreetmap editing videos. Happy Mapping

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answered 18 Apr '23, 11:53

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andy mackey
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Hi, Your GPX is in the OSM database for use by you or others, please see here:- I can download your trace, open it in my JOSM editor and I, (or anyone), could use it to add paths to the OSM database which you could then see on the OSM map.

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answered 28 Mar '23, 19:59

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Hi, I was mystified by OSM as well when I started and I'm still learning. JOSM is the best most comprehensive editor while the iD Editor is the easiest for beginners. So here's how to start the easy way. You've uploaded your GPS trace to OSM and know where it is, (anyone can now download it to use it). Download the OSM copy of your trace to your PC from the link I gave above. Then click on Edit Map, and the OSM map opens to the area where the trace is. Click the down arrow by the Edit button, and from the dropdown menu click Edit with iD editor, the editor opens to the same area. Go to your downloaded GPS trace on your PC, drag and drop the .gpx file onto the iD editor. You can now use the GPS trace to add paths or tracks. See how you get on. You can send me a message direct if you wish so we don't work through any problems.

Regards Bernard.

(29 Mar '23, 17:51) BCNorwich

Forgot to add a link for direct messaging it's

(29 Mar '23, 17:53) BCNorwich

Thanks Bernard,

I tried to send you a DM, but have no reply. So not sure if you got my DM or if the OSM msg function has similar learning curve to the editor.

Would I be better starting with JOSM ? ( I'm computer savvy etc )

Now seeking to concatenate partial tracks into one whole one, before adding to map. Does JOSM have good tools for manipulating GPX files ?

Is JOSM installed direct to my PC, or online ? ( is it a safe download ? )


(07 Apr '23, 17:07) WildWildRover

Hi Bernard

sent you a DM


(08 Apr '23, 19:20) WildWildRover

GPX tracks are a basis for a map, they are not the map. Therefore, a GPX track will not be shown directly on the map; it is expected to contain all sorts if inaccuracies, signal or quality loss, maybe you relived yourself in the woods along the way - nothing we'd want to have on OSM. The GPX track will also not contain information about the name of the path, the surface quality and other important details we want to record.

What's more, your track might overlap with bits and pieces already in OSM and we certainly don't want a thousand copies of a well-trodden path in OSM just because one thousand people uploaded their GPX!

The expectation is that you will load your GPX track into an OSM editor, and then make manual adjustments to the OSM data based on your GPX track. Basically you'll be "tracing over" the GPX track in OSM, recording the path as it should be, rather than the path with all the (potentially unwanted) details recorded in the GPX.

If this is too much hassle for you, then perhaps someone else will do this work based on the GPX track you have uploaded. Until that happens, the track will not show on the map.

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answered 28 Mar '23, 14:04

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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(28 Mar '23, 18:10) H_mlet

Hi Frederik Ramm,

It is not too much hassle, I spent a whole morning trying to discover how to do it (although not having managed to do it, means I don't know how much hassle it actually is)

I went to my trace in OSM database, and clicked 'edit map' = was I then in an OSM editor pls ? Could I than have put my trace to the map ? How ?

I got a throbbing glowing mucous thing around my track, but that was as far as I managed to get. None of the buttons etc seemed to be helpful. It seems a massive learning curve.

I have been following many dotted lines on OSM map, most dont seem to have names or surface info, or other of the technicalities you mention.

Hi BCNorwich,

If that's an offer to add it for me, then please yes - have at it.

I'm just mystified by the whole thing. I read many articles & wiki features yesterday, but found nothing specific like "click here, than do that"

So i would be really grateful for step-by-step idiots guide to adding my track.



(29 Mar '23, 16:45) WildWildRover

You can take a look at the OSM beginner guide, especially the part about the iD editor. iD is the in-browser OSM editor that you already encountered after pressing the edit button.

(31 Mar '23, 08:14) scai ♦

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