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They are trying to place names in Spanish of some towns in Galicia such as Pontedeume or Xunqueira de Ambía that have their corresponding pages in the Spanish Wikipedia calling them Puntedeume and Junquera de Ambía.

The OSM map supports multilingual names however the Jeslop user reverts the edit and blocks the author.

Is Jeslop working correctly? Or is an act of vandalism committed by placing names in Spanish (or another language) of monuments, places, etc. in Galicia in the "multilingual name" part?

I would appreciate opinions on the legality of putting names in Spanish (or another language) in the "multilingual name" part, which are also endorsed by Wikipedia.

What is the use of putting multilingual names? If one visits the Wikipedia page for Puentedeume, for example, and then wants to look for the location on the OSM map, it will suffice to put Puentedeume. At this moment, try it, if you search for Puentedeume the map returns Puentedeumes of streets, but not locality. It's an example. I think OSM uses "multilingual name" so anyone can find a place or item in whatever language they want. Coincidentally, this Jeslop does not want Puentedeume to be called Puentedeume in Spanish even though there is a Wikipedia page with Puentedeume. And so with other towns ONLY in Galicia.

Sorry for the rant, but I don't think it's serious to mutilate the options offered by a good OSM edition.

I'm afraid that Jeslop's nonsense will continue over time until other users report it, I have already done it, or it also admits multilingual names as it happens everywhere on the OSM map.


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For info, this "question" appears to have been asked by a sock-puppet of a user well-known to the Spanish community who has caused great difficulty for them in various forums.

Attempts by various people (including me) to explain how languages work in OSM and (more generally) how OSM works by consensus have not succeeded.

-- Andy (from the DWG)

(11 Mar '23, 16:42) SomeoneElse ♦

Please, before call me a "sock-puppet", verify my OSM account:

(04 Jun '23, 17:36) Arturo Franc...

The question has been closed for the following reason "Duplicate Question Already asked on forum" by SimonPoole 11 Mar '23, 16:31

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