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Hi There,

We have an issue with directions to a cafe we just opened. Basically the map is taking guests into a private, gated community without access to the beach or cafe.

How do we update the route when someone asks for directions?

Any advice would be so appreciated, thank you! Caitlin

asked 01 Mar '23, 23:37

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The Ranch at...
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(02 Mar '23, 18:20) The Ranch at...

To go into details, Organic Maps at least allows the end point of a routing to be inside a private area. This is nice but this is not your case, here only the end segment of the routing is inside the private area, not the end point. This is for me a bug.

(03 Mar '23, 10:42) zorglubu

Perhaps a software issue because the café is located several hundreds meters away from the nearest public road.

It turns out that some routing engines such as OSRM or Valhalla will attempt to get the user as close as possible to the destination. To achieve this, they will ignore the "access=private" tags, despite those have have been correctly set on all the ways within the gated community nearby, as this example shows:

GraphHopper seems to honor the access restrictions better and will end navigation on the closest public road, despite it will imply a longer walking distance. I suppose this is the expected result.

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answered 02 Mar '23, 23:12

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I confirm what has been said by @bxl-forever, the ways are correctly mapped in OSM. And the routing depends on the routing engine and if you choose to go by foot, bike or car. Some engines allow cars to use pathways, some other ones ignore the access=private tag.

Unfortunately, the only action is to submit a bug to the developpers of the apps. I will do that for Osmand and Organic Maps.

Note that google doesn't use the OSM data ;-)

(03 Mar '23, 09:32) zorglubu

Hi The Ranch at... there are too little details in your question, IMO Where is the cafe and the private, gated community ? Did your guests use an App based on the OpenStreetMap, like OsmAnd ? Is your cafe on OSM ? Did your guests navigate to your cafe or to the adress of your cafe ? Does your cafe have the same name as the private, gated comminity ? I will have a look if you POST the GPS of both your new cafe and the private, gated community.

Btw : congrats on your new cafe :)

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answered 02 Mar '23, 15:05

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Gys de Jongh
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Hi Gys de Jongh,

Thank you so much for your quick response! I will attach a map now of the route that is open to the public. (I pulled this screen shot from Apple Maps that was update) Bing and Google are still directing people through the gated community.

Coordinates for the cafe: 33.47632239979514, -117.72143797917062 Coordinates for the gated community: 33.47812519217898, -117.71973652327412

Warm Regards, Caitlin

(02 Mar '23, 18:20) The Ranch at...

Hi The Ranch at...

"I pulled this screen shot from Apple Maps that was update) Bing and Google are still directing people through the gated community"

If the troublesome navigation comes from Apple, Bing and Google Apps then there is little point in Editing the OpenStreetMap because those use there own private Databases and software to calculate the direction to your new cafe.

Imo bxl-forever POSTED the right answer :

1) GraphHopper uses the OSM Database and finds the correct direction, so there is no point in editing OSM

2) I do sometimes edit GoogleMaps and I know that Google is responsive to the errors you can report after they found the wrong directions.

What I would do then is navigate to your cafe and use their :( feedback emoticon after I ended up at the gated community. Then fill in the feedback further like : I'm not at the cafe

hth Gys

(03 Mar '23, 09:01) Gys de Jongh

Hi The Ranch at... if you want to check the OpenStreetMap Database then you could try :

This App can also be downloaded for free on your phone and it uses OSM If OsmAnd finds the wrong directions, it maybe time to edit Osm (?)

(03 Mar '23, 09:08) Gys de Jongh

Hi The Ranch at... Google now finds the right directions too (?) :

(03 Mar '23, 09:36) Gys de Jongh

Hello, If you feel not comfortable with correcting that by yourself, don't hesitate to copy the URL of the map showing the cafe.

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answered 02 Mar '23, 10:53

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Hi zorglubu,

Thank you so much! I posted a map below of the correct directions route. Please let me know if that helps.

Warm Regards, Caitlin

(02 Mar '23, 18:24) The Ranch at...

On you select edit with iD, select the gate and the section of the road that is in the gated community and add the tag access=private to both.
Next ensure that roads in your area mapped correctly and named, including the carpark and the service road and parking aisles.
Finally map the building your business occupies and add a node with all your business details, including the address and contact details.
You should complete the tutorial before you start editing.
How soon the routing is updated will depend on the update schedule of the routing app being used, but the OSM database is updated immediately you save/upload your edit.

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answered 02 Mar '23, 02:44

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edited 02 Mar '23, 20:55

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