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hi all, I am busy adding street names to already created line features. however most of them have are split and thus multiple lines make up one street so I am giving 3x features the same road name. Is there a way of joining these existing lines?

asked 02 Feb '23, 14:14

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Probably not.

If you have a look at the parts of the street that have the same name, you'll probably see that they have some other different tags - maybe lanes, or surface, or sidewalk. Also, parts might be in a relation (such as a bus route relation) and other parts not.

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answered 02 Feb '23, 14:18

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You can use JOSM to select "Non-branching way sequences" for a series of lines. Easier than selecting multiple objects in either iD or there. That said, JOSM still has rectangular click-drag selection (aside from iD's lasso), more highly customizable selecting and hiding filters, selection history, undo selection, and many more powerful functionalities. Notably at a basic level, it differentiates [Ctrl] picking selection, and [Shift] add to selection; compared to iD using [Shift] for picking only. This prevents you from accidentally unselecting the same object.

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answered 04 Feb '23, 10:55

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