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Hi, What is the process to mass update a .umap file? I would expect a tool to convert it to .csv for further manipulation.

Thank you, Martin

asked 01 Feb '23, 16:52

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a umap file is basically json, so you can use json-oriented tools to process the data.

Or you can download the data of your umap as GPX, and use one the various converter to get CSV from GPX.


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answered 11 Feb '23, 11:26

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Thank you for your reply. Actually I have tried a few web based json converters but did not succeed. Can you name one which does work? Thanks, Martin

(16 Feb '23, 17:33) martingwb

Bear in mind that that "umap" file is a special format, based on json, that usually won't be understood by third-party tools.

If you want to try to extract specific data from your umap file, general-purpose json editor (like this one) might help you.

On the other hand, if you're mostly interested in geographical data, I've tried to download the (visible) map data (from the umap interface, 'Advanced actions') as GPX and converted it with the first result of a search engine. Also tried with geojson and this one with some success.

The results will depend on the complexity of the data, and some converters have options to select either the points, or the lines and so on...


(19 Feb '23, 12:48) H_mlet

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