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I know only the possibility to insert areas with mouse clicks. The area of the Naurpark is way too big for that. Is it possible to add a shapefile?

asked 11 Jan '23, 09:09

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Just to check + under what licence was the shapefile made available?

(11 Jan '23, 09:17) SomeoneElse ♦

The shapefile was not publicized as far as I know. However, the boundaries of the park are public and the shapefile is approved for OSM use.

(11 Jan '23, 09:25) FOEJ_Knüll

It might be easiest to make the shape file available to the community for someone to add it properly. There will likely be areas in OSM already - eg an administrative boundary, a residential area or so - where the boundaries coincide partly with the Naturpark boundaries. Simply adding the Naturpark shape will inevitably mean that boundaries overlap or have gaps. "Doing it right" often requires identifying and re-using existing linework for the new boundary, which can also mean splitting existing linework to re-use only the parts needed. This is one of the most difficult editing operations in OSM and requires some previous experience to do right.

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answered 11 Jan '23, 09:47

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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Thanks for the tip. How would I find someone who would be willing to do this?

(11 Jan '23, 09:51) FOEJ_Knüll

If the place is in Germany I would suggest posting to - if in Austria, and if in Switzerland, .

(12 Jan '23, 13:38) Frederik Ramm ♦

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