Is it possible to define a sector linked to an existing icon? Example add a sector icon on a cell tower to show where the cell is pointing (direction 0 to 360 degrees) If so, is it possible to rotate an icon?

asked 09 Jan, 09:22

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OpenSeaMap does it for lights.

I've seen maps of CCTV with sectors as well.

Best regards.

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answered 09 Jan, 10:33

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Thank for your tips :-) Next question, is it possibly to add OpenSeaMap:s icons and functions into OpenStreetMap? - They seems to use same map view.

Best Regards / Jörgen Sjögren

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answered 09 Jan, 11:57

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The OpenSeaMap raster tile layer is designed as an overlay, to add data upon another basemap, usually openstreetmap-carto.

Managing different layers is easy, with Leaflet for exemple.

You could probably re-use their software to generate an overlay of your design. Probably not trivial though.

(09 Jan, 12:07) H_mlet

Hi H_mlet

Thank again !!

I will look into your suggestion and see if I can solve my problem from this

Best Regards Jörgen Sjögren

(09 Jan, 12:18) emwjosj

Hi again

I found something called "Mapnik" - a tool to add and change layers in OpenStreetMap. Is this a way forward?

BR / Jörgen

(09 Jan, 13:41) emwjosj
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