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Hi, i just want to ask how long it usually takes to register on the public map. I updated it as it hasn't shown on the pokemon go map. Have I made a mistake submitting it?

asked 12 Dec '22, 12:54

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You can check if you see the park on (standard layer). The standard layer map at is pretty fast in showing new changes. If it does not show there, please provide a link to your changeset or at least the area where you added the park.

But as you asked about pokemon go, this may take a long time as pokemon go uses their own map rendering and no one in the osm community can tell you when they (=pokemon go) will update their data/import the changes from the osm database.

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answered 12 Dec '22, 13:08

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thanks, they have been updating the map around us, i just hope that i didn't miss the map update xD. I don't see the parks updated on the standard map and updated it yesterday. will check it, thank you

(12 Dec '22, 13:12) adzburg

So you had been working on Cathy's Park and the Loerie Park? I do see those two on most zoom levels already on the standard layer but not on zoom 15 so far (your experience may differ as you use different caching nodes in South Africa). But that zoom level will update as well.

(12 Dec '22, 13:24) Spiekerooger

highly appreciate it, those are what I added, hopefully, it'll update soon! (and will show in pokemon go)

(13 Dec '22, 13:18) adzburg

I am not sure what Niantic's current practice is, but certainly in the early years of the game, updates of map data were very infrequent. So unless that has changed, it may be a long time before you see a change in Pokemon Go.

(14 Dec '22, 12:16) alan_gr

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