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with a small association, we've got a umap with some rendering of overpass that start to not scale right (the number of overpass query, and the size of the region, number of people).

The idea is to put in given style some particular piece of roads (like cycle ways, or bad pavement, or shared cycleway, etc...), the rest of the map could stay the same

So, i was thinking about generating [vector/image] tiles to replace the umap, but I'm not sure about what's the best option here.

I looked at mapbox / maptiler, but if i understand correctly the schema is a simplification of what OSM offers, and thus is too limiting for our need (we need the full extend of OSM tags)

Then i think about generating tiles with something but i feel it will be quite heavy to maintain for our need.

What's the best/easiest solution ?

Thanks for the help :)

note for scale, we will have only a few visitors a day/month, between 16000-30000 km2 max, only a roads/cycleway/path will be customized (or generate for transparent layer)

asked 22 Nov '22, 14:54

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As a tendency I would have suggested using vector tiles for an overlay with the data you are interested in, generated for example with tilemaker and a third party base map raster or vector. If you go the vector route you would need to use (an open source fork of mapbox-gl) to embed the map in a webpage.

But there are really many ways to skin the cat in this case.

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answered 24 Nov '22, 13:21

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If you want to go with the transparent raster tiles, I think the waymarkedtrails backend might be useful.

It's meant to display routes (based on relations I suppose), but it might be tweaked to suit your need.


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answered 25 Nov '22, 13:22

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