I do not know if this will make a difference so will provide that information also. When I map in OSM on my Mac, I use Safari to open and edit OSM. What is done when a person wishes to map in, for example only, downtown Houston, Texas? I have the map in 3-D view while I edit which makes buildings with 25 to 40+ stories cross the roadway to the west and north. I looked at some instructions online but have never done this and would like to know what to do before making error after error. Remember that I use a Mac. I know some programs will only work with one type operating system if that is the suggestion.

What suggestions might you have besides don't map that until you learn?

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What do you mean by "I have the map on 3D view"? I'm not aware of the default iD editor having a 3D view.

(08 Nov, 07:53) InsertUser

By "3-D view", are you referring to the background imagery? The "background settings" menu on the right of the screen (or via keyboard shortcut B) allows you to view a number of different backgrounds, maybe a different one would suit your purpose better.

Also, by mapping in detail do you mean you want to add details to tall buildings that are already mapped? Or you want to add buildings that are currently not mapped in any way?

(08 Nov, 08:10) alan_gr

I am more detailed when I map than many. I would likely do both of those things if able.

(08 Nov, 16:25) Dark_Valor

That worked, thanks!

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answered 08 Nov, 16:30

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