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I added 4 bus stops in the city I am currently living in (Aalborg). Two of those where changed in position due to a redesign (Aalborg section Nytorv to Osteragade). I saved my changes and in the editor it is more close to how it is in reality now. But if I go to the normal street map my changes are not there and still the old, now wrong, bus stops are shown. The changes were done yesterday.

asked 01 Nov '22, 10:59

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Febo Nicu
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scai ♦

I converted your answer to a question since it has nothing to do with the previous topic.

(01 Nov '22, 11:26) scai ♦

Sorry and thank you.

(01 Nov '22, 17:53) Febo Nicu

It will be a caching issue. I've not looked at the area before and I see no bus stops here but do see (for example) this one (is it meant to be in the middle of the road?)

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answered 01 Nov '22, 13:35

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EdLoach ♦
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Yes the first one you see is what I altered the day before yesterday, deleting the busstops in the north (which are not there anymore). I waited then for the next day, but they were still there so I tried again.

You are right on the in the middle of the road thing, I will do it again more properly. In reality there are 2 busstops per side in a matter of 5 meters.

So somehow my deletion of the northern ones did not go public but my implementation of my one busstop a bit more southern did.

Sorry for lack of knowledge, I am very fresh into this, but I want the busstops in the now correct location and I came across the wrong ones in the north while researching something.

Before I start with my agenda, I will wait for the answer to do it correctly, if you may explain what I should do.

(01 Nov '22, 17:59) Febo Nicu

So in the editor view my changes are there, but in the normal streetmap they are not.

(02 Nov '22, 12:29) Febo Nicu

if you can see them in the editor then they are in the OSM database, but it might take some time before you see them. This is an old question that relates, but I think it is still fairly valid.

(03 Nov '22, 08:50) EdLoach ♦

Thank you very much, the changes are in there now. Funnily enough, the changes are not there on the third closest zoom setting. Just on this one zoom setting, it is still the old way.

In the upcoming days I will change the positioning correctly to the side of the street, not directly on it.

(03 Nov '22, 14:10) Febo Nicu

If you go to the zoom level where changes are missing and press ctrl+f5 they should appear. You may be required to press ctrl+ f5 a second time in ~10 seconds.

When you look at the map you see images cached in your browser and the request doesn't even reach the server. First time you press ctrl+f5 you will request the tiles bypassing the browser's cache. The server will serve what it has but also notice that they are out of date. It will regenerate the tiles in the background, it takes a bit of time. Then you press ctrl+f5 again and get these new regenerated tiles.

(05 Nov '22, 08:22) qqqqqqqqqqqq...

Thanks for the explanation. I will try that out. Besides by now it is correct in all zoom levels.

(07 Nov '22, 20:28) Febo Nicu
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