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Hello, When I click on a street on the osm map In my city few of streets one half of the street has one name and the other half has another name. Please teach me how to naming and register a two name street. Thanks Mohammad Aryan Far

سلام وقتی بر روی یک خیابان بر روی نقشه کلیک می کنم در شهر من یک نصف خیابان به یک نام و نصف دیگر نام دیگری دارد . لطفا به من آموزش دهید چطور می توانم یک خیابان با دو نام را نام گذاری و ثبت کنم . با تشکر محمد آریان فر

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asked 21 Oct '22, 19:30

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Different names on each side or does it change part way along?

(21 Oct '22, 21:37) InsertUser

Is it definitely the street which has two names, or is it the adjacent buildings which have unique names? In my city, terraces on each side have two individual names & the actual street has another.

(31 Oct '22, 11:40) DaveF

As InsertUser has said, if each side of a street has a different name, then "name:left" and "name:right" are used for that. An overpass search finds quite a few locally to me, for example this one. There are renderers that support this usage.

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answered 22 Oct '22, 11:02

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If different names on each side, then name:forward="one name", name:backward="other name" where forward and backward are based on the direction of the way in OSM. At least this is how many of the side/direction dependent tagging works in OSM. I do not know if any renderer will properly process it though.

If the name simply changes along the way, then split the way and put the appropriate name on each.

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answered 22 Oct '22, 02:44

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Normally name:left=* and name:right=* are the main keys in that case. Forward and backward are described as being for the router.

(22 Oct '22, 09:08) InsertUser

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