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Morning all, a few days ago I made some alterations to a local area correcting the line of a public footpath. The edit shows at a scale of 30m but as you moce out to 50m and larger the map reverts to the old incorrect information.

Is there something I have missed doing to correct this or will the edit expand to all scale views at a later date?

asked 20 Oct '22, 11:32

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Hi, the database is updated immediately and the standard map layer at the lower levels are re-rendered to display your changes within minutes to a day or so but the views from higher in the atmosphere are not rendered as frequently to very infrequently. It is more useful for most users that more resources are allocated to the lower levels in a timely manner. Other layers available on osm.org are updated less frequently by those that provide the layer and maybe only update weekly. Other apps and web services that use the osm data have their own update policies and may only update when a new version of their app is released, depending on wether you are a paying client. The osm depends on public donations to operate and prudent spending impacts on the quality and timeliness of the services provided.
…so you may have to wait a bit longer to see the new maps at all levels. You can clear the cache on your browser to ensure you are seeing the latest version of the map.

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answered 20 Oct '22, 13:18

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edited 20 Oct '22, 13:19

Thank you for the information, the Ordnance Survey in the UK use the database for their free mapping service in the UK. Unfortunatley two months ago a user changed the route of a public footpath to terminate on my land. This has effectively extigushed a portion a legal right of way but also resulted in people tresspassing on my property. They advised me that I could make a complaint to OSM as the mapping is legally incorrect but I havent been able to find how to do that. I was hoping that altering the map back to its correct line might resolve the problem which it clearly hasnt. Is there anyway to resolve this matter?

(20 Oct '22, 13:55) aloha99

With regard to "They advised me that I could make a complaint to OSM as the mapping is legally incorrect but I havent been able to find how to do that":

Please email data@openstreetmap.org (OSM's working group that deals with issues like this) so that we can discuss.

With regard to the rest of your comment:

However, as you can be inferred from your comment you've edited OpenStreetMap so that it is now correct. Unfortunately, as his answer says, nevw's answer will only apply to the "standard map layer" at OpenStreetMap.org. It won't apply to maps (and apps) provided by third parties. Different third parties use different update schedules and OpenStreetMap itself can only influence that by asking them to fix a problem. However, if you contact us, we'll see how we can help.

-- Andy (from the DWG)

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answered 20 Oct '22, 13:57

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