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Hi, I've noticed within OSM & OSMAnd+ that no matter what my destination is, if I'm travelling into into RedHill (and many neighbouring suburbs) from South Brisbane then through Milton, instead of taking me through the bike path on Go Between bridge it takes me on the car road on Go between bridge. This road is highly dangerous and takes you onto a road as busy as a highway, it's a suicide ticket to ride on this road and is also illegal. How do I divert all routes to go another direction and permently de-list all bike routes to take the bike route instead of the road no matter the end destination for myself and others using OSM in my area?

TL;DR I'm essentially trying to blacklist bicycles on an entire car road on a bridge and redirect all bikes onto a bike path on the same bridge (it has different exits but will lead onto safer routes)

asked 17 Oct '22, 23:01

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Did you do a survey on that road to check for an actual traffic sign that says the road is not for bikes ?

(18 Oct '22, 05:03) Gys de Jongh

I've updated the osm tags to say the road is not for bikes and updated the bikelane as designated cycleway. Also I noticed the creating a free API with OpenRouteService so far seems to provide way better routes in my area. Hopefully OSMAnd offline navigation and it's default online services [ZLZK &] update relativity soon.

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answered 18 Oct '22, 02:44

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I just had a look. Cycleways leading up to this road will end there as it has a Tag access no ??

Way: 47397047 Data Set: 25da00 Edited at: 2022-10-18T01:04:42Z Edited by: liamolua (12033183) Version: 14 In changeset: 127699129 Tags: "horse"="no" "access"="no" <<<================= "bicycle"="designated" "motor_vehicle"="no" "surface"="concrete" "width"="3" "highway"="cycleway" "foot"="no" "oneway"="no" Bounding box: -27.471695, 153.0135514, -27.4708795, 153.0130349 Bounding box (projected): -3182528.4241748, 17033390.6263184, -3182426.105943, 17033333.1298014 Center of bounding box: -27.4712872, 153.0132932 Centroid: -27.4713198, 153.0133596 Length: 350.6 ft 8 Nodes: 603328572 603328099 603328116 603328122 800195017 603328128 603328135 563398163 Part of: Relation: Go Between Bridge Bikeway (11317127)

(18 Oct '22, 20:44) Gys de Jongh

The more specific tag bicycle=designated should be interpreted as overriding the more general tag access=no. In combination the tags mean that there is no access allowed on this way except for bicycles.

(19 Oct '22, 08:13) alan_gr

Using Google streetview, could you show where this signage is located? "signage stating where the the bikeway starts" doesn't necessarily mean bicycles are excluded from other lanes. A list of vehicles which have to pay the toll doesn't necessarily prevent riders crossing it. A road, being dangerous & scary, doesn't make it illegal. The highway is tagged as secondary. Are cyclists not allowed to ride this class of road?

(03 Nov '22, 21:04) DaveF

Hi liamolua, Osm (Open Straat Map) is the Database. OsmAnd (Open Street Map Automatic Navigation and Directions) is one of the many users of OSM. I also noted freqently that the routing engine of OsmAnd takes me on my bike through the woods over non existing "roads". I never found a reponsive OsmAnd site for reporting errors (?)

In the meantime you should never change OSM to prevent errors like this. The OSM Database should only reflect as precise as possible what can be seen on the ground. So the only thing you could try is inspect the "dangerous road" in JOSM to see if the tagging is wrong. If this road is a motorway then find the Tags here : Do not try to change the bike routes in Osm either. You could check routes in OSM individually with JOSM to see if they are tagged correctly. hth Gys

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answered 17 Oct '22, 23:44

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Gys de Jongh
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Thanks mate for this. ita correctly tagged as a highway however it's still demanding bikes on there. Do I need to contact OSMAnd and their online routing services (ZLZK and to have this amended?

(17 Oct '22, 23:57) liamolua

I suggest you go to that bridge in JOSM. The road should have the Tag highway=motorway and the Tag cycleway=track There should be a separate way on that bridge for cyclist with the Tag highway=cycleway. Your situation might differ on the ground. Here are other possibilities :

(17 Oct '22, 23:58) Gys de Jongh

Could you direct me to the bridge you are talking about ? Then I will have a look to see if there is something wrong

(18 Oct '22, 00:07) Gys de Jongh

I found the issue, the road hadn't been marked if bikes could go on the road, I've updated it which hopefully should fix navigation from using that road as bike routes

(18 Oct '22, 00:50) liamolua

I hope you realize that that might be considered an illagal action in OSM know as "Tagging for the renderer" What you're supposed to do is do a survey first to see if there is a traffic sign on that road that says so. Just to be sure, no offence did you switch OsmAnd to bike mode ?

(18 Oct '22, 05:00) Gys de Jongh

Yes, there is signage stating where the the bikeway starts and there is a list of accepted vehicles on the toll warning signs on the entrance to the bridge.

(18 Oct '22, 05:09) liamolua
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