I don't exactly understand the definition of a "Street Lamp". iD doesn't offer any guidance. Is the Street Lamp, supported by a "pole" which is on the "ground", or is the "ground" what supports the street lamp which is a light on a pole?

The documentation says,

lamp_mount=* is used describe how a highway=street_lamp is supported.

So the Street Lamp includes a pole, and can never be supported by a pole?

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Evan Carroll
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According to the wiki article for highway=street_lamp, the support=* tag is what you would use to indicate that the lamp is on a pole (ie. support=pole). The lamp_mount=* tag is for describing how the lamp is mounted on the pole.

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You mean to that which the pole is mounted. The option for lamp_mount is "ground" that can't be how the lamp is mounted on the pole.

(02 Oct, 03:28) Evan Carroll

No, I double-checked the wiki articles to make sure what I stated was correct. lamp_mount=ground would be non-sensical, because it's saying the lamp is mounted on the pole/wall/etc. using a "ground" attachment method. You use support=* to describe how the lamp is supported (ie. pole, wall, or ground if it's right in the ground), and use lamp_mount=* to describe how the lamp is mounted on that support (ie. bent_mast, straight_mast, suspended, etc.).

I'd be curious where you read that text saying "lamp_mount=* is used describe how a highway=street_lamp is supported", because that isn't correct.

(03 Oct, 21:47) alester

@alester "I'd be curious where you read that text" - it is on the wiki page for key lamp_mount: https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:lamp_mount

However, "ground" is not listed as an option there so I'm not sure if "The option for lamp_mount is ground" refers to a different wiki page or some other document. There are about 700 uses worldwide of lamp_mount=ground according to taginfo so maybe it appears is some software that takes suggested values from taginfo.

(04 Oct, 07:44) alan_gr
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