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Hi, is it possible to temporarily disable the tag conflict reporting? It would be useful e.g. when importing new buildings, when I know I want to replace the original buildings with new ones... Via UtilsPlugin2 I have to transfer the history one building at a time... It would also be useful for addresses

asked 27 Sep '22, 13:43

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The conflict dialog should only appear if the object you are modifying has been changed in the mean time by someone else. It would not typically appear if you are importing buildings on top of an already existing building. The error dialog shown in that situation would come from the validator, and it can be clicked away - or you can even reconfigure the validator not to run on uploads.

However please be aware that imports into OSM are governed by guidelines ( which include, among other things, that a plan for the import has to be discussed with the community beforehand. Any such plan that involved, even temporarily, uploading new buildings over old buildings, or the outright deletion of old buildings, would almost certainly be rejected, and any import performed violating these guidelines would almost certainly be reverted without further discussion.

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answered 27 Sep '22, 14:21

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The dialog appears because I need to transfer the history and if the old building has the tag building=yes and the new building=detached then of course there will be a conflict... But I would like to use the newer tags automatically... I am aware of the second part

(27 Sep '22, 14:31) Klerik7

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