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Hello, I am a GENEANET user and I have been unable to identify Athens or Riga as e.g. the locations of birth for some people in my genealogy... Also to new to OpenStreetMap to make a valuable contribution...

Help welcome here ! Cheers, Philippe

asked 26 Sep '22, 15:18

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Oops, I meant a HEREDIS user (genealogy software), and being too new to OSM...

(26 Sep '22, 15:35) plauwer

Hello, I'm not sure what a "GPS ID" is in this context? Perhaps you could link to one that does exist so that we can perhaps see how it might relate to OSM. Best Regards, Andy

(26 Sep '22, 15:45) SomeoneElse ♦

Hello Andy, HEREDIS is using OSM to support the description of the exact location of cities around the world, using city name, postal code, area, region, country then longitude and latitude as identifiers. Cities can be searched on HEREDIS, showing the above mentioned details and are actually seen on OSM map with their nodes. The capital cities of Athens (Greece) and Riga (Latvia) are not reported by HEREDIS, but also don't have nodes shown on OSM. Reporting the issue to HEREDIS, they indicated that I should contribute to OSM... here we go ! Best regards, Philippe

(26 Sep '22, 16:09) plauwer

Perhaps you could link to one that does exist so that we can perhaps see how it might relate to OSM?

(26 Sep '22, 16:45) SomeoneElse ♦

Here is one for Zurich (Switzerland):

and here is one for Athens (one in USA): but there is none for the capital city in Greece (only for 2 villages on islands), one in Italy and a few more in the USA...

Hope this helps... I am afraid I can't paste screenshots.

(26 Sep '22, 17:09) plauwer

Where did you get those URLs from?

(26 Sep '22, 17:46) SomeoneElse ♦

alt text

(27 Sep '22, 09:05) plauwer

See below screenshot with Athens being searched on OSM...

(27 Sep '22, 09:06) plauwer

I can't reproduce that, I get Athens, Greece as the first result (node, but maybe it varies depending on where you are. If you search for Athens, Greece what happens?

(27 Sep '22, 10:59) alan_gr

From HEREDIS, the search for Athens, Greece return nothing, however, for Athena, Greece, I am getting the location of 2 villages.alt text

(27 Sep '22, 11:11) plauwer

Then from OSM directly, the search for Athens or Athena, Greece did work properly...

(27 Sep '22, 11:12) plauwer

Yesterday, when I (in the UK, with an English language browser) searched for Athens yesterday, "City Athens-Clarke County Unified Government, Athens-Clarke County, Georgia, United States" was first and "City Athens, Municipality of Athens, Regional Unit of Central Athens, Attica, 104 31, Greece" was second. Now it's the other way around - the Greek one is first.

I still don't see how GENEANET or HEREDIS fit in though - are they doing a search of OSM and only returning the top match? If so, that sounds like an error - many towns and cities share the same name.

(27 Sep '22, 12:11) SomeoneElse ♦

To clarify, GENEANET are using Google Maps (my mistake).

HEREDIS are using OSM and each search for a location usually offers multiple choices, however as said earlier, Athens/Athena (Greece) or Riga (Latvia) capitals are not proposed. I am getting lost as to why ?

(27 Sep '22, 13:45) plauwer

I will report this thread to HEREDIS hepdesk and seek their view...

(27 Sep '22, 13:47) plauwer

I'm not sure if this is relevant, as I don't know how Heredis handles languages and alphabets: in OpenStreetmap Athens has the English language name "Athens" and the "international name" Athina. So maybe "Athena" is not the ideal spelling to use. Also, does it help to use Rīga rather than Riga? Although the OSM node has Riga as the English and international name so it doesn't seem like there should be a problem.

(27 Sep '22, 14:48) alan_gr

For Athens, I tried a few alternatives including Athènes (French), Athens (English) or Athina with greek alphabet (Αθήνα). For Riga, I also tried Rïga. None of those did return the right places...

(27 Sep '22, 16:28) plauwer
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