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I am trying to integrate OpenStreetMap into a React Native project. But I can't find any library or anything related to React Native in their GitHub account.

The only thing I can find relating to these to topics is the link below, in which there is no proper answer.


But I heard once that Mapbox uses OpenStreetMap as their source. Mapbox suggests a good way to integrate it into a React Native project:


Is there a way to integrate OpenStreetMap into a React Native project or is it the case there's not proper support for it yet.

asked 18 Sep '22, 15:10

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OpenStreetMap is basically just a big pile of data. React Native is just a software development framework. Without more information about what you're actually trying to do, it's impossible to answer this question.

Are you trying to create something that needs to be self-contained and work offline, or would online access to internet servers be possible from whatever you're creating?

What do you want to use OSM data for - display of maps, searching for things, routing to things, data analysis, something else?

Like the famous story you probably have an idea of what OpenStreetMap is, but it probably isn't the whole picture.

(18 Sep '22, 15:19) SomeoneElse ♦

Hi , I want to integrate OSM into react native project. Did you find any solution ?

(10 Mar, 05:51) MdAyan01
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