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Context: I have a local version of the openstreetmap-website on a server for routing purposes. Every ~30min I go through a process of generating a changeset with osmosis, applying that changeset to an osm file, and updating the data for the router.

Question: What I'd like to do is automatically apply changes made on the server to the public version of OSM as well, is this possible?

asked 07 Sep '22, 18:48

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Technically the problem is that both object ids and versions will have diverged between your data and OSM proper and will be out of sync.

There is not really a good way to work around this even if you use the original diff uploads (from the editor you are using) to update your data. There have been attempts to do things along such lines in the "humanitarian" space, but a) these typically have been used in low-density data areas, and b) involve throwing away local data and replacing it with fresh data from after syncing. See

Legally if these are only changes made by you there wouldn't be an issue, if the data is added and changed by multiple legal entities it is highly problematic.

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answered 09 Sep '22, 07:35

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I was afraid that would be the answer, I did come across POSM in my research but I don't believe it will work for my purposes. Thanks for the answer.

(09 Sep '22, 13:28) GeorgeValley...

Is there any reason that the edits can't be made to OSM directly?

(09 Sep '22, 15:24) SimonPoole ♦

The goal was to setup a local version of both OSM and OSRM. Make changes locally which can be easily turned into change files with osmosis from the local postgres database. Nothing would prevent me doing the changes to both local and proper, I just wanted to automate that process. As for why not use data directly from OSM, simply because I could not find a way to automatically get updated data every ~30 min.

(09 Sep '22, 17:15) GeorgeValley...

That shouldn't really be an issue, though I have to say I've never kept an API database up to date from diffs (only osm2pgsql schema), but I would be slightly amazed if that isn't possible.

(09 Sep '22, 17:39) SimonPoole ♦

I really don't care about the database being up to date, what I really want is the osm.pbf file to stay updated and receive changes ASAP. It might be possible to do with osmupdate with the two regions polylines I care about. But I think I tried that and there was some compatibility issue with OSRM but maybe I'm just miss remembering.

(09 Sep '22, 18:11) GeorgeValley...

Keeping a local planet file up to date is really simple see

(09 Sep '22, 19:00) SimonPoole ♦

Thanks for all your input, it's given me a lot of help. I'm pretty sure I know what to do now to get the result I was going for.

(09 Sep '22, 19:43) GeorgeValley...
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