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Hi, I'm new to OSM edits and have a question which may have been asked before: The edits I did were some 2 days ago, so by now I would expect the changes to appear in regular map display. Yes, I read the FAQ about delays due to tile processing and server/browser caching. That's why I waited more than 2 days - and of course cleared my browser cache before checking. Today I observed the following:

  1. In max zoom level, OSM German style, the changes are not visible (old building still there where it shouldn't be any more) - see here
  2. In max zoom level, Mapnik style, you can see the new buildings, but there is obviously a mismatch to an adjacent tile - see here
  3. in one zoom level below max (Mapnik style), the information seems correct - see here

The corresponding changeset is this one. I also observed at other places that recent changes only show up correctly at (one) zoom level below max.

Is there anything I can do about this? Did I possibly do something wrong in submission? Or is this expected to fix itself over time? What time frame should I expect - days, weeks, months? Thanks for you help.

asked 07 Sep '22, 08:36

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Thanks for the links. I knew some of them but I wasn't aware about the strict split between OSM database and how much the various derived maps differ in their update cycle. What I find confusing anyway is if different zoom levels show different edit stages. So what do I do if I want to edit an item I see on zoom-level x, then I zoom in to level x+1 for more details - and see a different item?

Anyway, I will train my patience and check again - in a week or a month or so ...

BTW what happens if we conflicting edits get submitted by different mappers, unaware of the item being already edited? FIFO or most recent wins?

FWIW: the mismatch in tiles in highest zoomlevel which I reported above is now gone. So Mapnik style is OK, German style still not updated.

(07 Sep '22, 21:09) Samse26

When you edit an object your editor will always present you with the current version from the database, not the current version visible on the map. If two people edit the same object, the one who uploads first "wins" and the second person will see an upload conflict error message in their editor.

(07 Sep '22, 21:17) Frederik Ramm ♦

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