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I would like to mark all streets and sidewalks in my neighborhood as lit. We have street lights. OpenStreetComplete asks me about these a lot. The whole neighborhood is lit by street lights.

Is there an easy method to do this in i3 without having to shift click everything? If not, what utility is best suited for these kinds of mass edits inside of a bounding box?

asked 02 Sep '22, 22:47

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Evan Carroll
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I certainly wouldn't do this, even in areas where most roads are lit.

Certainly where I am, not every service road or footpath is lit, and there are some residential roads where street lighting is not controlled by the local authority but by individual residents, and may be not in use for odd reasons such as that it shines in their bedroom window or they have to pay for it.

(03 Sep '22, 10:04) SomeoneElse ♦

You can disable the quest in settings. Not sure at what level below countries does StreetComplete accept such a suggestion.

(03 Sep '22, 11:04) Kovoschiz

(for the avoidance of doubt) I find the quest in StreetComplete very useful, and would actually like to see it expanded (perhaps optionally) to other roads - but any suggestion would need careful phrasing.

(03 Sep '22, 11:20) SomeoneElse ♦

In my neighborhood all street lighting is controlled by municipal authorities (the city of houston), we have no control over it. And I only want to change the hundreds of sidewalks in my neighborhood. Are there any objection given that information?

(03 Sep '22, 17:41) Evan Carroll

There are numerous ways to do this, but likely easiest is to use JOSM, just download the objects in question via an overpass query.

Note that you should be aware of and that it is easy to screw such changes up.

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answered 03 Sep '22, 09:54

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