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Hi here, Thank you always. Your responses on this platform have been of an immeasurable value to me. In my python project, I want to combine street segments having the same name as one. Merging them is not a problem for me, but how do I do it such that the nodes of each street segment is combined with others, and such that they are arranged in an orderly pattern, to form a single straight street?

asked 01 Sep '22, 21:38

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What editor are you using?

(02 Sep '22, 07:26) Msiipola

Is this for a downstream application? Do you want to upload the result to OSM?

(02 Sep '22, 07:53) InsertUser

It is like a student project on extracting streets within a specified region in OSM and identifying points of intersection . So let's say street "Rue" starts from A and runs through point B to C, and another street "Avenue" starts from X through point B to Y. Then what I want to achieve in my python code now is having on Rue, the street segments AB and BC merged together as one street still under the name Rue, then also street segments for Avenue is merged as one (XB +BY) , with both Rue and Avenue intersecting at B. I'm also particular about the order of street segments merging so that the combined nodes are so arranged as they are in reality on the OSM map.

(02 Sep '22, 10:12) Segunlakata

How are you merging?
unary_union? dissolve?

Have you asked on GIS Stackexchange?
If you do; don't forget a code-snippet and leave a trail-of-breadcrumbs (a link) please.

(02 Sep '22, 20:28) arkriger

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