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If you do a address search on "S 16th Street, Ames, IA" the result set shows "Tertiary Road S 16th St, Old Orchard Mobile Home Park, Ames, Boone, Iowa, United States of America". Notice the "Old Orchard Mobile Home Park" in the address. This really shouldn't be part of the address and is (I think) caused by the "place = hamlet" property of the Old Orchard Mobile Home Park.

So what's the proper way to tag mobile home parks?

asked 19 Sep '10, 23:39

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There is no official tag for this. Perhaps ** would be good to start with

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answered 20 Sep '10, 09:10

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So, you'd agree that "place = hamlet" should be removed from mobile home parks?

(21 Sep '10, 03:52) c1map

I would agree. I am dealing with the same issue in my area. Unfortunately the proposal went nowhere. In all of OSM there are eight amenity=trailer_park tags. Shall we add a few more?

(18 Feb '11, 18:28) ponzu

Here it is seven years later and this node still remains place=hamlet Came here with the same question about my own, local trailer park, and I am sad to see there has been no consensus about these types of locations.

Place=hamlet is just totally incorrect, as there is no governance there. Additionally, Place=neighborhood is for urban areas (which trailer parks are notably outside cities), and Place=locality is for unpopulated areas.

(28 Apr '17, 17:32) mtc

I usually use name= and landuse=residential. Works for apartments buildings that share a site too.

(28 Apr '17, 17:38) maxerickson

But landuse=residential is for areas and not nodes... Could you link to some examples of use, please? Because I cannot be the only one confused by the answers here, on the topic of "how to map apartment complexes"

(28 Apr '17, 17:56) mtc

Here's one I mapped a while ago:

The extent of the mobile home park is often pretty clear.

I think a lot of the names in GNIS have fallen out of common use though, like with the old rail stops.

(28 Apr '17, 18:13) maxerickson

I'd draw a polygon around the area and put the name of the mobile home park on the polygon. If the whole complex shares the same street address, I'd put that on the polygon too.

If you feel obliged to leave a point there, I'd change it from place=hamlet to place=neighbourhood (I think I have that UK spelling correct).

(28 Apr '17, 18:48) n76

I'm relatively new, so I'm learning everything as I go. I was looking for amenity=trailer_park in the amenity list... and apparently there's a tag for public bookcases???? But not for a mobile home park. Do they not have these in Europe? I'd say there's at least one in most suburban cities/rural towns in the Southern United States. (And probably the north, but they seem to be most popular anywhere there are tornadoes.)

I'm going to use amenity=trailer_park anyway, because seriously, this NEEDS to be a tag if you want accurate mapping in the United States. Also, I asked on Reddit, and apparently the tag for a mobile home is building=static_caravan. Yeah.... weird.

(26 Jul '18, 09:55) Avelsajo

"Caravan" is the British term for RVs/mobile homes. However, for a trailer park where the homes aren't really very mobile, it doesn't make much sense. I think the widely used and rendered tag landuse=residential as recommended above is better than coming up with a new tag.

(26 Jul '18, 15:23) neuhausr
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Any reason you can't use the conventional tourism=caravan_site plus name=xyz

I would agree that landuse=residential is fine, especially for the area that encompasses groups of long-term or permanent residents homes.

All the sites that I am aware of are part of a wider community and are included as part their local hamlet, suburb or neighbourhood as well as the name=xyz for the park itself.

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answered 28 Apr '17, 17:59

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In the US there are many "mobile home parks" where once put in place the trailer/caravan is never moved again. And the site/lots in the park are all for permanent residents, so tourism seems a bad fit as a tourist pulling a caravan would definitely not be able to use the facility.

(28 Apr '17, 18:45) n76

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