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Hi everyone. Thank you all the help received on the platform. I working on an OSM project using python. Now I have some issues, which I need help and further clarifications on.

I am aware that the around filter in overpass selects all elements within a certain radius in metres around the elements in the input set. But this seems not to be in reality for me. On the map, i picked a coordinate (latitude/longitude). The query was specifically for highways, so was expecting all the major roads around the point to be queried along, but that was not the case. When I increased the radius value, it improved a bit by including some distant roads, but even nearby roads that I thought should automatically fall within the area were still not included. Could I have an explanation to this? Secondly, how can I have a visual picture of the boundary (i.e. having something like a rectangular or circular bounding box), so that I can particularly see the queried area being carved out and items (e.g. streets) within the carved out region?

Also, I noticed nameless roads (such as footways, service roads) usually appear in a query in a larger quantity than even the main (named) roads, which I'm much interested in. I filtered the footways out completely, only to have a very few number of named segments. How can I improve the richness of my query to have largely major streets as much as possible? Thanks

asked 26 Aug '22, 16:44

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Please share the queries you've tried. Also overpass-turbo is a great tool to design overpass queries.

(26 Aug '22, 17:44) H_mlet
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NOTICE: is being shutdown on 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum