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Is there a way to import a relation using the flex style when that relation doesn't have any related geometry data?

I'm trying to import a list of ski resorts in Scotland but one is not being imported correctly. I've done some digging and found that there is a relation which has a lot of ways as members, allowing me to group all those ways, but as there is no geometry field associated with that relation it doesn't appear in the database after I call add_row.

In a reduced test case I've found that if I remove the geometry field from the relevant database table, the relation is added correctly.

inspect = require('inspect')

local tables = {}

tables.relations_test = osm2pgsql.define_table({ name = 'relations_test', ids = { type = 'area', id_column = "id"}, columns = { { column = 'name', type = 'text' }, --{ column = 'geom', type = 'geometry' }, } })

function osm2pgsql.process_relation(object) if object:grab_tag('type') == "site" then

    print("Matched rel ",,

        name =,
      --  geom = { create = 'area' },


end If I remove the commented out lines in the above, my relation is not imported into the table. This suggests to me that each row requires a geometry.

If there any way to maintain the geometry field in the row (it's populated for other relations and ways) but allow it to be NULL?

asked 24 Aug '22, 15:15

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It is not possible to have an empty geometry column with the add_row() function, it will be filtered out as you noticed. Luckily we have just recently released version 1.7.0 which has a new import() function which does basically the same as add_row(), but has "less magic" built in. If you don't have a geometry, it will happily add a NULL into that column (unless you declare the column as NOT NULL). See the osm2pgsql manual for details.

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answered 25 Aug '22, 06:35

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Jochen Topf
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That's perfect Jochen, I've compiled the new version of osm2pgsql and I can now get the relation with a NULL geometry.

Perfect timing on the new version.

Thanks for the help.

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answered 26 Aug '22, 14:34

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