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There is a large water protection area which access restricted. They have problems with trespassers and it would be beneficial if the area can be marked as private - no access on OSM and in turn on Gaia, AllTrails etc.


asked 24 Aug '22, 00:27

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Rachael Ince
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Hi, Can you provide a link to the area in question please?

(24 Aug '22, 07:39) BCNorwich

An example using a slightly more popular (but less obvious) tagging scheme, see the wiki on Protected Areas. The example does not have an access tag, and although access=no or access=private are sensible defaults, I would make this explicit.

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answered 24 Aug '22, 10:33

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SK53 ♦
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First of all, if there is any highway= inside, they can already be checked for being access=private, and have informal=yes added together for unofficial ones.

You need to distinguish whether the area is the immediate landuse=reservoir_watershed around a waterbody, or a larger boundary=water_protection_area surrounding it. It is preferable there is a visible border (eg landscape, or obstacles), or they release data in a compatible license. Otherwise, an approximate area around the terrain can be acceptable.

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answered 24 Aug '22, 04:29

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