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what should a software bot or script look like, or how to automatically remove the name:ru tag from a certain administrative unit with one edit. For example, to from this

I want to delete name:ru streets of Western Ukraine. What for ? Because the streets of western Ukraine do not have Russian official names at all, and there are no signs with Russian street names on the houses.

Everything that Russian cartographers wrote in name:ru is a fantasy of online translators.

There is a group of cartographers of the Ukrainian branch of the Openstreetmap community, which also believes that name: ru in western Ukraine should be removed

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Technically I wouldn't use either a bot or a script for this and would simply select the objects either with a search pattern in JOSM or by downloading just the relevant data from overpass.


Besides that such an edit needs to follow , the requirement for names is not that they are sign posted in a different language, but that the non-local name is in common use in the language in question. So very likely in larger cities there -will- be objects that fit that definition where the name:ru tag shouldn't be removed and that will need human validation.

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