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according to the wiki, we can have information about the rendering of osm standard tiles.

In this section, there is an example with 3 links, the first to see a specific tile, the second to see the status of this tile and the 3rd to send to osm server an instruction to force it to recalculate this tile.

The first link works, no more the second and third links (message "You requested an invalid tile").

I tried some other tiles, same message. I also tried with "b." at the beginning of the url ( and with "c.", same result.

A few months ago, all was working.

What's going on ?

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asked 12 Aug '22, 14:06

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OSM now employs a CDN between the end user and the tile server, to improve tile serving speed and reduce load on the servers. The "status" and "dirty" URLs don't make sense any more because they would not affect (or reflect) the status of a tile in the CDN cache. Hence these URLs are not supported any more. I have updated the wiki page to that effect.

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answered 12 Aug '22, 14:45

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Frederik Ramm ♦
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ok, thanks : so, there is no more way to know the date/hour of a tile ? And to know if a tile is in a queue to be recalculated ? To give an example, I made a changeset yesterday, the result is visible at zoom 18 but not at zoom 17 and I was wondering why ?

(12 Aug '22, 15:25) Fred73000

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