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Please let me know if I should report this issue elsewhere. When trying to edit, for example https://www.openstreetmap.org/edit#map=17/46.84214/12.23228 and selecting any of the "South Tyrol" options, the screen goes black. https://osmlab.github.io/editor-layer-index/ Here one can look up the existing URLs. http://daten.buergernetz.bz.it/de/organization/provbz?q=orthofoto&sort=score+desc%2C+metadata_modified+desc Here one can look up what the correct URLs should be, it appears there are always 2 options but one of them (the one used by OSM) broke. Example for 2020 Orthofoto: http://daten.buergernetz.bz.it/de/dataset/ortofoto-20201 which leads to http://geocatalogo.retecivica.bz.it/geokatalog/#!home&layer=p_bz%3AOrthoimagery%3AAerial-2020-RGB as the first option, where the second option (https://geoservices.buergernetz.bz.it/mapproxy/p_bz-Orthoimagery/ows?service=WCS&version=1.1.0) broke for OSM. Thanks in advance everyone!

asked 11 Aug '22, 21:09

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You've essentially already answered your question: you need to open an issue on the Editor Layer Index https://github.com/osmlab/editor-layer-index after checking if it hasn't already been resolved / reported.

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answered 12 Aug '22, 08:57

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