Dear OMS I have remove doesn't existing place in OSM for more two months already but why it still appear on and how can i delete it in i'm looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much

asked 01 Aug, 08:30

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Map tour
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43.7k13321686 don't update their maps very often. Your deletion should appear in the next update.

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answered 01 Aug, 08:48

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Thank you very much.... I think so! it quite spend long time while the other maps has update already

(01 Aug, 10:02) Map tour

If you are not tied to you might want to try Organic Maps. It is based on the open source components and seems to update more regularly.

(01 Aug, 10:17) InsertUser

the issue is many years ago i have add the name to the place but now the change the business to be private residence and the owner need me to delete that name in every maps now is only still appear because it bothers their living

(01 Aug, 10:24) Map tour

If it's problem with I think it's better to send your question to them.

(01 Aug, 17:34) Msiipola
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