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Hello! In South Gloucestershire, UK, Hanham has borders and an admin area, but neighbouring Kingswood is just a dot without borders or admin area. When you look at the admin areas level 10 within South Gloucestershire, Kingswood is missing and all others are there. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thank you!

asked 25 Jul '22, 21:39

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A quick check on wikipedia shows that Kingswood is an unparished area, and therefore it does not exist as an admin_level=10 entity. Some people have mapped unparished areas using admin_level=10, but this is incorrect, and in many places impossible (the unparished areas may include several named places, e.g., Beeston/Chilwell/Bramcote in Nottinghamshire - ONS website, slow to load). As an unparished area only exists by virtue of an absence of things they are extremely hard to verify and therefore dont belong in OSM.

It is not OSM's responsibility to harmonise the vagaries of the administrative geography of local government in the UK, merely to reflect what actually exists.

PS. Many GIS systems do represent unparished areas, but largely due to technical limitations which require a polygon layer to tesselate a given larger polygon.

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answered 26 Jul '22, 09:43

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Thank you very much, that makes sense - even though it seems really odd that there are unparished areas when everything around it is. It sounds like this might change soon though: I assume that a town council is similar to a parish.

(26 Jul '22, 10:00) hbcc

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