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Hi I have a multi vector way that I dragged it accidentally in another changeset. I want to move it back by selecting one of it nodes & aligning with another node.

I have the original way as a geojson file, which, along with the dragged way, I can load into JOSM (on the same layer).

Is there a way to use one of the dragged ways nodes as a selection point & move it so it 'locks' onto a node of the geojson way?

Maybe it could be done by specifying coordinates? Is there another editor which could perform this fix?

asked 23 Jul '22, 19:45

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Hi, I don't know if it will help with your problem as I don't quite understand it. But, you can restore single nodes to their former position in JOSM. Select the node, view history, select coordinates rather than tags. You should see a green spot, (the present position of the node) and a red spot, (the former position). Right click on the map, click restore. You can also select several nodes at a time.

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answered 24 Jul '22, 07:52

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You should be able to use m to merge the two nodes. If selected in the correct order it will use the 'geojson' point as the final position. Then just purge the duplicate way.

An alternate solution would be to use the reverter plugin and just revert selection rather than the whole changeset.

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answered 24 Jul '22, 10:08

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