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I have a large closed way that I need to change, and since it shares many points with something I don't want to disturb, I can't just delete those nodes. I'm fine with deleting the whole area and starting over, since it got screwed up. But if I select it close-in and try to delete, iD says it can't delete because it's not completely visible. If I zoom out far enough for the whole object to be visible, I can't delete anything at all. Th'F ?? It still shows the selected area at full-visibility, despite the "zoom in to edit" box along with. Thus the selection is clearly still valid, but "delete" doesn't work at the farther-out zoom.

c.f.: and which I'm still looking for clear answers on, by the way.

Is there some magic URL I can hand to the API to just nuke the way and start over?

asked 17 Jul '22, 04:05

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Please use diaries or similar things for general comments. This is not a question. iD is designed like that because when it did allow deletion of areas outside the viewport mayhem ensued.

(17 Jul '22, 09:55) SK53 ♦

It certainly is a question, a la "how do I fix this thing I screwed up".

Who reads "diaries"?

(17 Jul '22, 15:12) _Hobbit

Probably not the answer you were looking for but you may have more luck with JOSM when editing larger areas.

(17 Jul '22, 18:03) scai ♦

Thanks; I sort of expected encouragement to try JOSM for various things. Installing it isn't an option for me at the moment, but I will almost certainly try to do that at some point esp. if I start doing much more than banging in a few trails here and there.

If I could decouple the shared nodes on the way in question, I could whittle away at it and get it down to a delete-able size, but I haven't figured out how to do that.

(17 Jul '22, 21:30) _Hobbit

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