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I cant find official values for the surface tag of footpaths or stairs with hard stone surfaces like granite or marble?

Im thinking of something like these:

granite stairs

Granite walkway

granite stairs in subway

Do you have any suggestions or maybe have seen something similar tagged with a good value elsewhere?

asked 16 Jul '22, 19:19

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I suspect many of the new surfaces we see are concreate based with chips of attractive stone added into the surface. The surface is then ground and polished, Often encountered in supermarkets and new public buildings. See perhaps Granolithic is the tag we should use. Previously used tags can be searched for and found here. but it seems a little sad to just call it concreate.

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answered 17 Jul '22, 10:12

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andy mackey
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Thats super interesting!

Unfortunately I'm now torn between paving_stones and something like granolithic or granite.

Would you rather go for a popular but slightly misleading value or an unused but fitting value?

(18 Jul '22, 12:45) JayJay5

JayJay5, in my early days I liked to describe all the different tiles they use on ways as pavement. Due to that I stopped and use on paths surface paved, easy yes, but there are too many formats of tiles. The formats you showed aren’t paving stones, but as said concrete, mostly pre-constructed/fabricatedd.

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answered 18 Jul '22, 20:07

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