The pin of the shop location is at our old location and the new location is not reflected.

Could someone please assist us on this?

Thank you so much as our customers went to the wrong location

asked 05 Jul, 11:09

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We could do with knowing which map they were looking at, where your old location was, and where your new location is. If I've found your correct Facebook page then I think your address might have changed to about here in May but I can't find your old address to see how it was tagged.

(05 Jul, 11:40) EdLoach ♦

alt text

its wrongly pinned on IG map

permanent link

answered 06 Jul, 10:20

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If there is a problem with Instagram, you will need to talk to Instagram about that.

Facebook and Instagram do not get their "places" data primarily from OpenStreetMap.

(06 Jul, 11:41) SomeoneElse ♦

Alright thank you so much. Because I click on the map it leads me to openStreetMap.

(07 Jul, 12:44) The Betta Co...

Instagram are required to credit OpenStreetMap because some of the data they use comes from there. Not all of it does, though - you'll regularly see things on Instagram pages that come from elsewhere.

(07 Jul, 13:25) SomeoneElse ♦

In any case it would make sense to add your shop in the correct location, regardless of any use by Meta, to OpenStreetMap, so that a wide range of apps have access to it.

(07 Jul, 20:00) SimonPoole ♦
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