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I'm actually a beginner and I still have a lot to learn here about mapping. My major interest is drawing disused, abandoned or razed, also heritage, railway lines. I want to be careful though, as I have learnt how important relations are in transport networks. So my question is: Should such railway lines (disused, abandoned, razed) get relations that already have active railway network elements as members, given that those historical railway lines are somehow historically related to the active networks? Or is it better even to let them with no relations at all, as that connetction of theirs with active transport networks could make a mess?

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Not familiar with rail relations so just a comment. For a rail link to meet OSM's usual verifiability criteria there should be some evidence of it still visible on the ground. This may be subtle but if something has bee fully razed and built over it would generally be impossible to verify in person.

(02 Jul '22, 07:19) InsertUser

Hello and thank you for your comment. The question is not about when a line is drawable or not though. I know this rule. I'm talking about out-of-use lines that meet the criteria to be drawn. Should such lines be connected with relations that are already linked with active transport networks, based on the fact that those historical lines are historically related to other lines, which are still in use? Could such a relation additon (of relations with active transport network elements as members) to inactive lines cause functional issues to the active ones?

(02 Jul '22, 09:09) Thanosmed

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