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A residential road in a town was changed to service by a user.

When asked why, the answer was: - The road now only allow bus traffic. - And because the wiki says: "residential tag is used on roads that provide access to, or within, residential areas but which are not normally used as through routes. Most traffic on a residential road will be for the access to, or from, residential properties. Roads carrying through traffic, or non-residential traffic, should instead be tagged with another highway tag"

In this case maybe "residential" is not the best, but I feel "service" is even worse. My suggestion is "unclassfied", but what's the best way tagging this?

Path the changed highway:

asked 01 Jul '22, 20:08

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edited 05 Jul '22, 08:11

There is actually a highway=busway tag for dedicated bus roads, but it is quite rare and as the wiki says should only be used if no pedestrians can travel along (or beside) it. It looks from the aerial imagery that this road may still have sidewalks?

Depending on local rules and signage this might be highway=service + access=no + bus=yes, or possibly the slightly more permissive access tags of motor_vehicle=no + psv=yes.

More info on access rules in general can be found on this page on the wiki. I think I would probably try to tag the access rules explicitly whatever top level highway tag I settled on, even if it was implied by a busway tag.

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answered 01 Jul '22, 23:23

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There is a tendency to map certain bus only roads as service, but I've always felt this is a artificial in some cases.

(03 Jul '22, 17:07) SK53 ♦

Yes, the road still have sidewalks. The only change was only allow buses on the road. The road is now tagged as "unclassfied".

(04 Jul '22, 17:35) Msiipola

After some thought the other user changed the road to unclassfied from residential and service. I assume I have to be content with that.

(05 Jul '22, 08:11) Msiipola

You don't have to be content with that, but unclassified is pretty standard for a minor "public" road so it's probably as good a classification as any.

(05 Jul '22, 11:41) InsertUser

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