is there any way to show locations a on the map visible only for me ? Pehaps is the only way a local installation of OSM ?



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There are quite a few applications that can use OSM data for a variety of platforms (from simple phone navigation apps to full-blown GIS software). Some more detail of what you want to do would be helpful in narrowing down the options.

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Thanks @InsertUser,

I have a gml file with points and lines. I want to show the objects (points and lines) for analyzing purposes. I'm the only user for that.

The gml data should not be stored anywhere.

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thanks lot for you all ! Some additional info: I 'm not going to create any gml, osm,... files. I have them already. I want simple show the point and line a zhe map. Further restriction: I have no internet access, all the things (css, js and maps) should be available locally.



(13 Jul, 12:04) michel77777

You will need to build yourself something local with https://leafletjs.com/ or https://openlayers.org/ if you want to use raster map tiles.

Or you can use vector tiles (which you could store locally) with https://maplibre.org/ or mapbox-gl.

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answered 01 Jul, 07:49

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As you mention analysis in your follow-up comment I think it is worth mentioning that QGIS can display OSM tiles and import OpenStreetMap data for further processing.

While QGIS does use a graphical interface it can be quite a bewildering program to get started with and depending on your actual usage may well be "using a sledgehammer to crack a nut".

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