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Initial Goal: My initial goal was to download an area from OSM using JOSM, run the JOSM validator on the area, and fix all errors and warnings that it reported. I do not intend to upload back to OSM.

Background: I downloaded an area from OSM using the slippy map and query wizard on JOSM and deleted all elements outside of that area. I accidentally deleted some elements inside of the area. I then ran the JOSM validator and fixed all errors and warnings.

Attempts: To fix my error, I downloaded the area from OSM again using the query wizard and JOSM reported conflicts with my version and the server version. I was trying to resolve these conflicts by setting the merged version to “not deleted,” however, the option to "Apply Resolution" was not available. Apply Resolution image When I tried to select “resolve to their versions,” I got this error message, “Merging deleted objects failed.” Resolve versions image Merging failed image

Objective: I am trying to ensure that all elements outside of the area are still deleted, while the elements inside the area are all there.

Question: How can I fix my error by making the newly downloaded elements stay deleted and the rest remain in my final area with 0 conflicts? Here is the original question I posted to gis.stackexchange

asked 28 Jun '22, 11:44

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Won't deleting elements outside the area you downloaded delete them in OSM when you upload your changes? I'm not sure you'd want that either? As such it might be better to start again and skip the deleting step.

(28 Jun '22, 13:30) EdLoach ♦

@EdLoach JOSM has a "purge" function. But I haven't read through whether it may help here.

(29 Jun '22, 08:43) Kovoschiz


It seems you have a misunderstanding about what you are doing. If you upload the data and have actually done what you describe, you will be deleting the elements outside of the area from the OSM database.

A possible way to not loose your work would be to save it in OSC format then remove all deletions, download the data for the area in question and then apply the OSC file. You can do the same with a saved OSM (JOSM-variant) file too, but because it contains all data in the area that is going to be -very- painful.

The only problem is that I don't believe JOSM has a way to save changes in OSC format except if there is a plugin that will do that.

The not-particularly-direct method would be to save to OSM format, load that in Vespucci, save to OSC format and then return to JOSM.

PS: OSC files use the .osc file extension

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answered 28 Jun '22, 13:29

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SimonPoole ♦
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Is OCS yet another OSM format or do you mean .osc ?

(28 Jun '22, 13:52) SomeoneElse ♦

Typo ... should be OSC

(28 Jun '22, 13:55) SimonPoole ♦

I do not intend to upload back to OSM.

(28 Jun '22, 16:06) acaroselli

The problem is that both simply downloading fresh data or JOSMs update function will not override the deletions you made. So IMHO the way forward would still be saving to a file and manually editing it.

(28 Jun '22, 16:53) SimonPoole ♦

It may help that enables you to download osm in many formats within a self described polygon

(30 Jun '22, 10:19) nevw

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