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The track that extends eastward from the end of Police Road (Node: 414553616, Location -37.9423662, 145.2372711 Victoria Australia) has been deleted but there is no indication of when the track was deleted, or by whom. The History shows that I (DragonflyKing) was the last person to edit the node, back in 2009. When I did this, the track extended eastward until it reached Churchill Park Drive.

The deleted portion of this track has been fenced off by the adjacent golf course and I am in dispute with them and the local government to have the track restored to public access.

I could easily add the track back in but I want the track to be UNDELETED so that the history is not lost. Can someone identify 1) why the track does not show as being deleted in the history, 2) who deleted the track, 3) when was it deleted and 4) how to restore it in OSM.

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asked 18 Oct '11, 09:13

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Looking at the history for the existing track way it looks like v1 did indeed join, but v2 from a second later is no longer joined. Both by melb_guy. Your edit (v3) was a couple of weeks later, but seems to have added a node to the middle.

Viewing the area in Potlatch 1 and pressing U to show deleted ways only shows deleted ways to the west of the area, which seemed to be duplicates. One example was Police Road mapped as residential (later unclassified) including to Churchill Park Drive originally. It looks like this was split at v4, to give the unclassified section and the section tagged as track, which then was disconnected from Churchill Park at the same time. This deleted way is another duplicate Police Way section.

So to answer your questions: 1) it was amended, not deleted 2) it was amended by melb_guy 3) it was amended on 2nd June 2009, apparently less than 2 weeks before your edits. 4) you would need to extend the existing way

3) is what confuses me slightly as you say in the question that it extended at the time that you edited. Is it possible you were viewing old tiles in map view, and hadn't noticed it had already been edited when you made your edits?

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answered 18 Oct '11, 10:11

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edited 18 Oct '11, 10:28

Thanks EdLoach for your detailed answer. I am still confused. Melb_guy originally had Police road marked residential extending all the way to Churchill Park Drive. I asked him to change it (as I don't like to edit the work of others) to show a foot track from where it now changes. He did that before I added my other foot-tracks, joining on the southern side of this track.

You can see just to East of the node that I indicated that I joined another track to the track that extends Police Road. How could I have drawn this track if the Police Rd track did not exist there?

I guess I'll never know the answer.

Thanks for following up.



(19 Oct '11, 09:07) DragonflyKing

I can't be sure, but the history of suggests (with v4) that you joined it to this admin boundary rather than a track.

(19 Oct '11, 09:28) EdLoach ♦

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