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I am a journalist. I want to publish a map in my website news story and ask my readers to pin locations. On Umap, I have to allow everyone to edit the map. But what if someone decides to delete the entries of others? Can I restrict the permissions so that the user with the link to my map will only add pins and not delete others' or edit the caption and description of the map itself?

asked 22 Jun '22, 15:27

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Jishnu EN
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Don't do it. You have already described some of the risks, but even if you could limit contributions in the way you describe (you cannot), you would still end up with users combining lots of markers into penis shapes or marking some location and adding a derogatory caption.

The only option to keep this sane is embedding a little Leaflet map with a GeoJSON file that contains locations into your map, and write a few lines of code that will allow the user to place a marker and trigger some sort of message to you, so that you get to review the marker manually and include it in your GeoJSON if it makes sense.

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answered 22 Jun '22, 15:39

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Gogocarto allows collaborative edition of map markers, with moderation and so on. It might suit your needs.

I'm not sure there is much documentation except in French, but it's quite simple to use...

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answered 22 Jun '22, 17:59

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