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I have read how to fix and watched YouTube vids and cannot make work

one is in location that is not correct and one is directing people to the back of my house

my address is 16 Slayton Rd in melrose Massachusetts. it is between house 10 and 14. (there is no 12)

I run an airbnb and this is a nightmare for my guests trying to find my place

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asked 17 Jun '22, 12:25

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I would be tempted to add your driveway, and possibly the entrance to your property.

You haven't said where is showing it incorrectly, but trying with both the GraphHopper and OSRM Car profiles from US1 to the property both navigate to the rear of the property as it is the nearest road, which is why I think adding the driveway might help.

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answered 17 Jun '22, 13:23

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EdLoach ♦
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first I need to remove the wrong location (after 14 SLAYTON but when I try the location seems to disappear

I did try to add. a driveway but I couldn't get the line to end.

Can I offer you. a barter to fix? My website is and I will give you a high resolution image to use or. a signed cartoon print.

you can contact me on thE Contact page under business manager.

(17 Jun '22, 14:06) Lynick

No need for a barter. I've added the driveway. There is a chance that sooner or later one of the Organised Editing Teams would have done so, especially if you ever get stuff delivered by a company that uses OSM data.

(17 Jun '22, 14:36) EdLoach ♦

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