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Sometime between 1 - 2 months ago when I last edited and now, the in-browser editor has been rendered nonfunctional for me. The problem I can dig up in the debugger reads thusly:

   SyntaxError: invalid regular expression flag s
in file,
the code fragment in question reads
   {var n=o.replace(/#.*/us,"");
"s" is a rather recent regex modifier, and is NOT guaranteed to be present in some number of even recent-ish vintage browsers. It's not even shown at yet, a very common go-to reference. This gratuitous type of change has probably broken functionality for a lot of people, who are perhaps not at liberty to rip up their whole browser environment for a bleeding-edge upgrade they don't need. Your "because it's new-n-shiny" is our pain in the ass, sorry.

The workaround for the functionality of the "s" flag is to use '[\s\S]' instead of '.', then matching works across newlines. Someone should FIX this, if they care about keeping the community accomodating and welcome. Coming home from an afternoon of mapping trails that aren't in the database yet, being blocked from adding them is not exactly what I expected.

How does one actually contact the OSM developers, so stuff like this gets in front of the right eyeballs?


asked 15 Jun '22, 01:13

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SimonPoole ♦

Which actual browser are you seeing this problem with? You've said "some number of even recent-ish vintage browsers" but that makes literally no sense.

(15 Jun '22, 14:38) SomeoneElse ♦
(15 Jun '22, 23:45) _Hobbit

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... which requires a Github account. It's bad enough I have to do browser calisthenics to even log in to THIS and post, now you're making the assumption that I'm on github and/or have to create yet another username and password just to get anywhere near receiving support.

Thanks, I suppose. You realize that this illustrates another part of the larger problem, right?


(15 Jun '22, 14:23) _Hobbit

@_hobbit you can dislike the fact that iD is developed at Github, but you can't complain that the answer is incorrect :)

What would you prefer - that OSM developers spent time on an in-house software development platform rather than use something external?

(15 Jun '22, 14:36) SomeoneElse ♦

@_hobbit Get a passwort manager such as KeePassXC.

(15 Jun '22, 14:58) scai ♦

I appreciate the open-source nature of iD and OSM components are open-source, and I don't care where it is developed, but forcing me to chase them over there to have any hope of opening a useful support case is still disingenuous. Personally, I actually do have a github account [very disused], I have a password manager, I have different vintages of browsers to test things under, but how does that help the next person who doesn't have those resources, but still has a problem with iD or any other piece? Not every OSM user is even close to having or wanting developer or power-user style tools, so please think about the larger community.

There is NO mention of any of this on the main OSM website, no procedure to actually report a bug or problem given, just vague hints under "help" about forums and wikis and IRC and off-topic email lists, that don't lead directly to solutions either. That area is in sad need of a refresh, really. And various other comments I've read support that.

Nobody even offered to simply forward my issue TO the people on github, or acknowledged that maybe there should be a bug submission input means on or linked to from the main site. Instead, I get this runaround. Other than h_mlet's pointer, as indirect as it might be, this is not a good look to someone starting from ground zero.


(15 Jun '22, 18:30) _Hobbit

Forwarding other people's bug reports always has the problem that the developers cannot request further details if they cannot reproduce the problem. In addition, the original reporter never receives a response when the problem is fixed and does not receive information about possible workarounds.

(16 Jun '22, 15:48) scai ♦

Carefully avoiding any mention of which version of the Pine browser you are running discourages any possibility of anyone taking the initiative of forwarding this issue to Github for you.

(19 Jun '22, 13:16) Mike N
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