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Hi I can see my number of edits are increased after uploading building files using python command. But these edits are not reflected in map. May I know how long it will take and how can I track this rendering.

asked 13 Jun '22, 05:29

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For the avoidance of doubt, automated edits (which these sound like) must follow

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answered 23 Jan '23, 10:55

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Hi, It looks like something has gone wrong. Your profile page:- states that you've made 5 edits. However when you click on your edits there is only one uploaded, made a few days ago of place_of_worship Ayyappa Bhajana Madam. This is uploaded and rendered properly

The edit that has worked out OK was made online with the iD editor. So it must be assumed that there was a problem when editing as you said with the "python command". I don't use python, JOSM is my preferred editor. So iD will work while you seek a solution with the Python Editor.

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answered 13 Jun '22, 07:43

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edited 13 Jun '22, 07:50

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Thanks for this reply. First one I directly created from OSM map. But I want to do it by using scripting method. That's why I tried with Can we upload it by using this kind of program.

(13 Jun '22, 11:10) sreerajkodakkad

The warning on the page says it is used for imports which are subject to a process also linked from that page. If you're doing an import you have to follow the guidelines or the DWG is likely to revert your edits without notice for violating the community rules and introducing data that may not be correctly licenced. Part of planning an import will be doing small test edits to make sure everything works.

(14 Jun '22, 08:08) InsertUser

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