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Hello there, I'm an active member of openstreetmap since 2009.

I noticed an error in a tiny part of Italy - France border near Bardonecchia (Italy).

This is a screenshot with the wrong part inside a red rectangle:

This is the direct slippy map url:

According to the following sources, the international border is not by the river, instead is by the unsurfaced road.

French national geoportal (IGN), vectorial:,45.04352149959723&z=17&l0=ORTHOIMAGERY.ORTHOPHOTOS::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&l1=GEOGRAPHICALGRIDSYSTEMS.PLANIGNV2::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&permalink=yes

screenshot 1: screenshot 2: screenshot 3:

Italy geoportal (IGM), image of low detail:

Extract of Italy geoportal (IGM), image of high detail:


Pic of boundary stone, taken directly in place:

I feel confident that I can simply edit the border, by moving directly the already current points involved, without creating new points. In this way, current relationships will not be broken?

According to you is all ok? Can I edit the border, referencing all the sources in the comment section of edit?

Thanks you

asked 08 Jun '22, 16:01

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Hi !

I'm pretty sure that given the sources, you can go ahead and move this border. The best would be to find and interpret the treaty which set the frontier, but it's probably vague.

With respect to the relations, you don't have to worry as long you don't split the way (93780818). Even if you add or remove nodes (not the first or the last, but that's a long way from the place), the relations won't be touched.

Best regards.

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answered 17 Jul '22, 12:43

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