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I'm looking for a solution to put 400 old map images, as layers that can be turned on and off, on a current OSM type map background. I know how to geo-reference old map images, but I can't find a solution to create layers with these images. I would like to know if OSM, via open layer or umap can do this, please?

Thank you in advance.

asked 08 Jun '22, 09:22

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OSM would only be a small component in what you are doing. You would not solve your problem "with OSM" but rather "with OpenLayers" or "with Leaflet" - both of which exist independently of OSM - and OSM map tiles would just be one layer you're showing.

To show your georeferenced images in an OpenLayers or Leaflet map, one possible avenue is setting up a map server - utilizing e.g. the open Source products MapServer or Geoserver - which load your images and serve them as tiles, WMTS, or WMS which can then be loaded by OpenLayers or Leaflet.

There might be plugins for OpenLayers or Leaflet to consume georeferenced images directly, but even if there are, there's a danger of overloading the browser when you load 400 maps into it. The server solution would make the browser only load what the user currently needs.

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answered 08 Jun '22, 09:32

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Hello Frederik,

Thank you for this detailed answer. I had some doubts about the quantity of images. I don't know if the solution is not going to be a bit oversized for this project, but I'm going to follow your advice and look at Leaflet and OpenLayers. I'll drop a little note to say what will be decided.


(08 Jun '22, 09:45) PhilBdN

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