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If I look here:

It says to mark cycle lanes by adding tags, such as cycleway=lane or cycleway:right=lane. I did this for Southwestern Blvd in Baltimore County, since there was a bike lane there that wasn't on the map yet. However, after saving the edits and returning to the cycle map view, I noticed that the lanes weren't showing up. I also noticed that there was an additional field, "Bike Lanes," which had been spottily filled out already. Which attribute is the cycle map using to show the presence of bike lanes along a road?

asked 03 Jun '22, 00:54

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It would probably help if you linked to the road you are talking about, so we could see the details.

(03 Jun '22, 06:34) keithonearth

First of all, welcome to OSM, and thanks for contributing! There are lots of us here who are into cycling, and are glad to see bicycle infrastructure added to the map.

To answer the first part of your question, the likely reason you don't see it on the two cycle maps on (CycleOSM or Cycle Map) is because they do not update as quickly as the default "layer". All the different OSM maps are based on the same database, but prioritise different things, and ignore some things altogether. The Default version prioritises the people editing the map, and does show many many details (and ends up looking a bit cluttered at times). Also, in order to help people editing the map, it updates very very frequently. Often edits are displayed a few minuets after making them. Other versions have different update frequencies, depending on who's doing the work to keep them up to date, and how much resources the people doing that work have. Some maps update every few months. I'm not sure how often the cycling maps update. At a guess, I'd say in a few days you should see your edit.

As for the second question, about the "Bike Lanes" field, I'm not sure if I understand what you mean. If you are talking about the default editor iD, and its "Bike Lanes" field: That is just a more user friendly version of imputing the tags cycleway:left and cycleway:right tags.

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answered 03 Jun '22, 06:49

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