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I've just started using OpenStreetMap in a C# project. It's great!

Occasionally I notice, when retrieving tiles, that some of them don't seem to exist...even though "nearby" tiles do. For example, returns a 404 error, but and both exist.

Are there some regions/tiles that just aren't in the database? If so, I'd love to know why. Just curious!

asked 01 Jun '22, 19:09

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Motorcycle M...
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Fascinating! The missing tile now shows up on my iPhone browser. I guess the server cache was invalid earlier today

(02 Jun '22, 01:26) Motorcycle M...

Bear in mind that if you're accessing tiles programmatically, you need to set a distinct User-Agent header that identifies your application. If you use the stock C# one you're at risk of being blocked.

(04 Jun '22, 10:57) Richard ♦

Thanx, Richard. I am supplying a User-Agent identifier (based on my program's FQ name). Just to be clear, you don't mean I need to supply a unique identifier for each request? That's not how I read the docs. If I need to do that I'd have to tweak the program.

(04 Jun '22, 18:32) Motorcycle M...

No, it has to be unique for your application, not for each individual request of your application. So all your requests should have to same UA which is unique for your application.

(04 Jun '22, 20:04) Spiekerooger

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NOTICE: is no longer in use from 1st March 2024. Please use the OpenStreetMap Community Forum