I try to put streets in the Maello area that belongs to the province of Avila Spain and there is no way, other larger towns without problems because I would like to know if open street map does not find some addresses of small towns because in that case I do not it is worth nothing, to say that I have written the addresses correctly about 1000 times and there is no way this error always pops up Please check the accuracy of Address, it is depressing I would appreciate it if someone knows

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Can you give an example of a street that is not found. There are quite a few street names mapped in Maello but I don't know if it is complete.

Generally street names and house numbers are added to OpenStreetMap by volunteer contributors, so if information is missing in your area, the way to improve it is to join the community and contribute.But before that, as I said, an example would be useful to check if the problem really is due to missing data.

(01 Jun, 22:53) alan_gr

Hello, thank you for answering my question. I'll give you an address. We are a real estate agency in this area and we manage all the urbanizations of Maello and San Chidrian.

Avila,Maello, Pinar de puente viejo , Plaza comercial 504

Avila,Maello Pinar de puente viejo la perdiz 12

(02 Jun, 08:24) joachin mongor

If you go to the address in the map manually.is the address shown in the map or in the editor?

(02 Jun, 08:35) InsertUser

If I enter openstreetmap and search by street, it tells me that it does not find that the street is still shown

(02 Jun, 08:52) joachin mongor

Plaza Comercial, Pinar de Puenteviejo, Ávila

For example, I look for this address at https://www.openstreetmap.org/search?query=Plaza%20Comercial%2C%20Pinar%20de%20Puenteviejo%2C%20%C3%81vila#map=17/40.86090/-4.55100 and the area is shown but in the search results it says no results found

(02 Jun, 08:54) joachin mongor

We have established that you can't search for it, but does the address actually exist in OpenStreetMap when you go to look at the place it should be?

(02 Jun, 08:55) InsertUser

The "hamlet" of Pinar de Puente Viejo is mapped and can be found by searching for "Pinar de Puente Viejo, Maello": https://www.openstreetmap.org/node/1433079363

Within the hamlet, the street Calle de la Perdiz is mapped, and can be found by searching for "Calle de la Perdiz, Maello": https://www.openstreetmap.org/way/25004541

The specific house number Calle de la Perdiz 12 is not mapped. and house/business numbers generally look not to be mapped in the area. Contrast the nearby city of Ávila where you can see lots of detailed address mapping.

House numbers can be added to the map either by surveying them in person, or by using official data sources if they are available with a suitable license. Here is an example of a small village elsewhere in Spain where house numbers have been mapped in detail: https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=19/36.76592/-4.29660 .

(02 Jun, 12:58) alan_gr
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Close by there is this supermarket and if you open the iD editor you will find that it at the moment is just a node without any address or other useful information

alt text

I would suggest that you add your company and add the address information. You could also add any other properties that you have location and address information for.

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answered 02 Jun, 13:56

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andy mackey
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alt text

We use joomla and we have given up being able to search for these addresses, there is no way, mapbox works without problems anyway I would like to know how to map to collaborate in free time

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answered 02 Jun, 14:06

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You will find a building and it's address if they have been mapped. Drawing building outlines and collecting or surveying the addresses and post codes requires a lot of work and we are all doing it for free. Here is an example of a lot of hard work. Try searching an address here. https://www.openstreetmap.org/#map=17/52.21732/-0.06620

(02 Jun, 18:08) andy mackey
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