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Hey everyone, is there any easy way to map the room between buildings? "surface" doesn't help in this case, because mostly it only shows streets around the buildings. I thought about for example landuse=residential and just subtract the building-area. But "landuse" is just very unspecific, because it includes e.g. cemeteries or other surfaces I am not looking for. Can you help? Thanks

asked 31 May '22, 09:41

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Do you want to calculate the percentage of area occupied by buildings in a residential area or is it the distance between buildings. Please explain a little more on what you want to do.

(31 May '22, 10:35) andy mackey

I want to calculate the percentage area of space between buildings, so everything except the buildings. For example there is a part of a city where many apartments/buildings are located and I want to calculate the percentage of every landuse in this area (to get 100% of the area). The buildings are easy to calculate, but there are sealed places or something between them (which are not found through "surface=asphalt" or something) and that's what i need as well.

(31 May '22, 11:21) milo22948392

If you are working on small area I would draw the separate polygons yourself from Bing aerial images. Then subtract each polygon from the whole area...maybe? Most towns do not have all of the land mapped so it may be difficult. If you only need the area covered by buildings compared to total area that may be possible.

(31 May '22, 16:18) andy mackey

yes, that's the problem. It should be possible for a whole city, at best for any city.. I will see what I can do. Thanks for your help!

(01 Jun '22, 07:39) milo22948392

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